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Help need with the BV512 Vocoder

Hi all,

I have a bunch of questions about the BV512 Vocoder. I can?t figure it out so I really need help with it.

I used a Subtractor for my carrier device and connected it to the Vocoder. Then, for the modulator, I used a drum loop from Dr. Rex. I routed the output of the Dr. Rex to the Modulator input jack on the BV512. I think I did this right, but for some reason, when I play the Dr. Rex drum loop, none of the dials or nobs on the Vocoder affect the sound in any way whatsoever, except for the Wet/Dry dial which effects the volume.

I thought the whole point of the Vocoder is you get to affect the sound of the modulator? Does anyone know why this isn?t working???

Another annoying problem is when I try to use the Carrier (the Subtractor) it only works when I have the BV512 flipped to ?Equalizer.? The modulator however, only works when I have this flipped to ?Vocoder.? This means I can?t even play them together. Is there a way to fix this? I can, however, use the Vocoder to affect the sounds of the Subtractor, so at least that is working.

Also, I tried using a vocal sample from NN-19 at the carrier, because the manual says it is common to use sampled speech or vocals with the Decoder. Is the manual talking about these vocal samples on NN-19 (they have names like ?FemaleAHHHH?), or is there some other type of vocal sample I don?t know about?

My final question is more general, what is the point of the Vocoder? Does anyone use it? I just like learning the different Reason devices so I thought I?d learn this one. It seems like it could be helpful though.

Everyone has been very helpful in the past so thank you! Your answers to these questions are much appreciated.


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