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Old 2006-08-17, 01:14
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Ugrade SPIDER AUDIO to a programmable patch-bay

The Reason approach of modules cabling though being easy and realistic is rather limiting. In many cases, you would need to split 1 audio to a couple of other destination or the contrary, glue 2 or more audio to 1 destination.

SPIDER AUDIO, the module available for that is really to basic and limiting e.g. if you would like to split 4 audio in 4 pair, you would need 4 SA modules!

This module could easily be converted to a programmable patch-bay with up to 32 in/out connectors in the same rack space. Each jack could then be used as in or out and connected to as many other available jacks as needed. Patch would have to be saved and loaded. Furthermore, compatibility with older version would be very easy to maintain by an appropriate auto generated patch. Wouldn't it be smashing?

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