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Old 2006-09-01, 07:18
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Some suggestions from a person wanting to use Reason

I want to use reason - I actually like it - and I'm probably going to use it more. Making music in it so far is more traditional to me. But there are some serious things lacking, esp. for those of us who come from Nuendo, Sonar, Cubase, Protools (btw, I like Reason because it is geared towards making music not just mixing it - but I do like to mix my music as well).

NOTE: These are all observations from someone who has been looking at this program for only 3 hours. These are major selling points for me - I'm sure they are for others.

1) A mastering suite is included - but why no gate? Seems simple enough. Did I overlook this?

2) Why cant I just enter the tempo? Hitting the plus key 40 times to go to 160 is too much - holding the mouse down seems counter intuitive. Double click, type tempo, hit enter done - like every other program

3) Direct outs and inserts on the Mixer. Makes the rewiring a little easier and more reflective of any changes on the Mixer.

4) Main mixer and drone mixers. allow a mixer to be set as a drone of another mixer meaning that when you solo in mixer one, mixer two is muted. I know you can do this with some routing, but it is not the same. Basically, I don't like the idea of being limited to 16 (I think) mixing tracks, and the 17th being logically separated from the rest. I often have songs that have 22 percussive parts I would like to keep them together. Maybe have one mixer screen but have x amount of banks - maybe?

5) Renaming of the tracks in the Mixer. When I route Redrum ch2 to Mixer ch2, I would like to be able to say Kick A or Kick B etc. The read only thing bugs me. If I could change the channel names in Redrum (this would be a huge plus!!!) or the other rack items I'd be just as happy. This is not to be confused with naming the rack item, I know that works, but I want to name the output channels as well - Kick A, Kick B, Snare, Perc A etc...

6) Display song length in minutes - its just math (and I shouldn't have to do it when its a standard feature in other programs)

7) A better delay, I am a huge fan of sonitus delay - but I don't want to rewire for a simple delay like that - left and right independent and linked controls with feedback, crossover, etc.

8) Is the transport bar free-floating or can it be - or can I place it at the top of the screen?

9) Bus .wav or .aiff export. Basically, rewire is cool, but in todays world of "tracking out" a batch export would be a god send. I am constantly asked for session files (Tools of course) I could rewire and record I guess - but workflow is essential - I'd much rather export then import than rewire for mixing. If there was a bus rack item, which had X amount of nameable inputs - and has no audible output (64 to 96 outs mono or stereo) - but is used solely for the batch export - that would be great. If there were direct outs, and CVs like normal - it could lead to some creative music and mixing.

10) On mouse over scroll wheel rotary knob modification? When my mouse is over a rotary control, can I use the scroll wheel to change the value - can this be done already with a combination key?

11) Updated UI. Protools is outdated, Sonar has made leaps and bounds, Adobe Audition 2.0 is just the cleanest looking program, and Nuendo is blue :-), but clean.

I know its a lot - but, believe it or not, I like the program, the routing, some of the possibilities, esp the flip side of the rack and the splitters and mergers. I see these technologies, but can't find the simple things - it seems like they were overlooked. In software development, one thing that I have learned over the years is keep it as standard as you can. If you can afford to provide the features that people expect as standard then you should do so - esp when they are relatively simple like a gate, or tempo entering...

Other than that - back to making music...

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