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Old 2006-09-03, 16:06
benkei benkei is offline
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Dedicated arpeggiator and LFO mixer/designer module

I know this has probably been mentioned before but it is an issue that really needs addressing.

A dedicated unit that handles LFO's and Arpeggio.

The way I personally see it is with your standard Arp functions and then a LFO section combining something along the lines of the Malstrom LFO section combined with the Spider CV's ability to mix LFO's to create a custom CV output.
I think 3 LFO oscillators (with on/off switches so you can use 1, 2 or 3) plus a small display of the created mixed waveform.

Arpeggio is cried out for ALL THE TIME and holding back on something so simple and yet vital (to some) seems to be something that needs addressing, if you added a dedicated LFO controller to this it would save us needing to load up Malstroms and Spider CV's all the time.

Yes we can build the LFO's ourself with a Combinator patch (and I have) but not everyone who uses Reason likes getting their hands dirty with programming new modules.

And while I'm having a rant, another vote here for a dedicated filter module! Preferably one with a few modelling/morphing features.

I've made a couple of REALLY powerful filters using the Combinator and a whole stack of M-Class EQ's but they're not the most processor friendly devices!

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