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Old 2006-09-04, 18:24
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Another Combinator knob parameter suggestion

I have a Nord Modular and it has 'Morph Groups', similar to what the combinator can do but on a much more powerful level.

There is something in the Nords morph groups that would be highly useful in the Combinator.

Selective knob ranges, while the Combinator lets the knob range control a selected amount of a parameter on a device.. say 64-127 for example, it doesn't allow you to select a range on the Combinators knob to emit control on.

What I mean by this is have the ability to split the actual Combinators range..

e.g. have it so you can turn the knob from say 0-64 and it doesn't send a control signal to a parameter until it reaches 65.

Examples of uses.

Adjusting 2 volumes, whereby you set the combinator knob range of 0-64 to raise the volume on one device from 0-127, then when it reaches 65-127 it lowers the volume on the second device 127-0.
This could be used to create realistic crossfades like those of a DJ mixes where the middle of the parameter is 100% volume for both devices, the left is 100% for one device only, the right is 100% for the other device.

A second example and one I could REALLY do with right now is the ability to stack parameters in a cascade effect across the knob range.. in my case I've been building some filters using the M-Class EQ's.
I would like the ability to have maybe the first 25% of the knob range to control one parameter, the second 25% to control another parameter etc..

The biggest drawback with this is the actualy control range of the knob and mapping that back to the standard MIDI 0-127. You would obviously need to output a much higher value in order to get a smooth control over a parameter without direct 1-1 mapping.
I'm sure it's easy enough to have this a selectable mode though. Switch one way for standard MIDI mapping, the other way for extended mapping. You could use Pitchbend mapping or a non-descript continuous controller mapping maybe?

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