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Old 2006-09-05, 12:45
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Noise Gate/ Pitch Shift/ CV FX/ LFO Generator


A dedicated noise gate would be very useful, complete with ADSR faders for shaping, wet/dry mix, and threshold/trigger control. I would also like a VDU for outbound signal. On the back I think cv control for the threshold/trigger would be useful. The facility for side chaining would please some as well I am sure.

I would love to see a pitch shifter as an FX unit in there. This would have to be a unit which kept the sample time intact (ie does not simply speed up the sample) and I'm sure this would be rather power hungry... mmm electrons... So, Pitch bend wheel - Octave - Semitone - Cent - Wet/dry. Lovely thanks!

Cv effects - A simple delay would make my d(el)ay. Sorry, that's not funny. I'm not entirely sure that the feedback function on a CV delay would make much sense (but lets give it a go) I imagine it would mush things a little.

On the subject of CV an LFO generator would be great. All of the lfo's already in the devices, and then an ADSR envelope with loop and length (speed I suppose) functions, and invert. I would like to see the ADSR envelope pushed further (ADADADAD SR perhaps). I imagine four rows of A&D with switches to enable each, so really interesting LFO's can be easily created.

Well, that's my thoughts for the day. Keep up the good work!

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