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Old 2006-09-21, 18:51
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ReCycle BPM slicing (not based on audio content)

I don't use ReCycle too often (had it for a while and just recently registered it, go figure, that's how often) but the auto-detection is frustrating some times. As it currently stands, you load in a sample and set your left and right boundaries, set your bars and beats and time sig "sign", and then ReCycle automatically detects the BPM, or "original tempo". It would be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULLY GREAT if you could then just click on a button to place slices on the 32nd notes, or 16th notes, or 8ths or whatever, no auto-detection sensitivity needed, just place slices based upon the auto-detected BPM... you could then create slices at the highest point needed, then mute the extras, and have perfect slices, locked in dead on the proper beats.

This is a workaround I currently use: I was working on a project recently where the audio itself was very busy and cluttered and the auto-slice detection wasn't picking up on ANYTHING. I had to draw in the slices, all of them, by hand. Then I had an idea... this was a mono sample... so I put it in an NN-XT in Reason and panned it hard left, set up my left and right loop markers and played the song and set the click on so I could adjust the tempo until I had Reason's tempo setting locked in with the sample. I then created a ReDrum and put in a 16th note sidestick... loud... panned it hard right. Exported this as an aif sound file, loaded it into ReCycle, did the auto-detect slices sensitivity thing and it locked in to all the sidesticks before it touched the left side audio content. I then converted it to mono and chose the left side only... tada... perfect slices.

This works fine if you're working with mono stuff, but stereo files... forget it, I have to slice manually if auto-detect sensitivity isn't detecting correctly. Well, I shouldn't say "correctly", because it's doing what it's supposed to do based on volume and what not, but it might not hit the proper slice points.

So yeah, perfect slices based on BPM and loop length, not on the audio content... that would be cool.
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