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Old 2006-09-29, 06:57
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This is NOT a user graintable request...

But it is a request to improve graintable selection. If I had put something about "graintable selection" in the topic, it would probably be ignored as yet another request for user-created graintables.

So onto the actual feature request

Right now when you click on the graintable selector, you get a single flat column menu with all of the graintables listed. I think it would be better to have either a hierarchical menu structure (menu with submenus for each of the different categories), or at the very least a multi-column menu. Dunno how feasible the latter is on a Mac, but the former shouldn't really be a problem.

Also, this applies to the device creation menu as well. As the version number increases, so does the device count, and some organization would go a long way toward improving device creation. Icons would be 3, but even a submenu approach is a big improvement.

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