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Downsample feature

This feature is suggested for those special cases, whe you use too much heavy-sized samples in your track.
Something similar present in QuarkXpress or AfterEffects, when heavy-sized content (pics or video) with high resolution converts into less sized copies - so this allow to have rough idea about model or videoclip and to not load PC so much.

So why not to make something like this in reason? This can be useful when:

a) you going to edit track on another, weak-resourced PC (i mean memory, speed), for example Palm or Pocket PC
b) there is no samples on that PC at all

Of course, there is 'self-contain' feature in Reason already, where included samples compressed by archiver, but sometimes even in case of use 'self-contain' the final file comes heavy-sized all the same (a hundred megs or more). Downsample feature might be builded in to self-contain menu like this:

PS: Sorry for my awful English

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