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Old 2006-10-02, 19:22
ekoutalas ekoutalas is offline
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Reason needs support from third parties

I was hoping that Reason 3 would catapult Reason to the next level but it seems like this is becoming an application that will live and die based on support from thrid party vendors.

I do not have R3, I have R2.5 and will continue to use it until it is time to upgrade, that time is not now.

R3 offers the Combinator, essentially, that is the only selling point for R3. Fine, but where are the refills in R3 format?

In order for Reason to stay on top it is necessary that every sound library that comes out has a rfl format.

The rfl format is crucial to Reason's success since it is a closed system.

Quite frankly, I have put Reason to the side because the major sound sets that come out these days are not rfl but GIGA, Halion or Kontakt. So naturally, Reason takes a back seat. It seems like Refills are usually dedicated sets and therefore limits the flexibility of the artist.

My point is that I don't see the support from third party library sets the same way as R2.

A site like Sounds Online used to be full of Reason refills but since there has not been any significant release in rfl format it has pretty much died out almost.

In any case, am I wrong? Is the Refill format crucial to Reason's success?

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