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Old 2006-10-06, 06:11
nataniel nataniel is offline
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Real issues to fix for future versions!!!

I have been a loyal Reason user for the past 3.5 years, and it truly disgruntles me that I'm having problems with Reason 3. Problems that do not allow me to use it, which is VERY frustrating.

So what's the problem?

The thing is this. I recently switched. After years of using PC's it came to a crossroads and decided it was time for me to get a mac. So I went ahead and purchased a macbook pro.

Beautiful machine. Works wonders. EVERYTHING runs smooth as butter on it.

Everything except for Reason!!! And its not even the program in itself. It's the disks!!

I downloaded version 3.0.5 from the props website, and installed it. Perfect. No problem. But when I get the request for the soundbank discs, Reason will not detect them when I insert them.

NO, it is not a problem with the disc drive. I've tested EVERY single disc I have here, and the drive was able to handle everything I threw at it.

Once again... everything except the Reason discs.

But a miracle took place yesterday!! Before giving up forever, I tried giving it one last shot. And voila!! The soubndbanks were detected and installed. Beautiful! Life is good.

Miracles dont last forever though. Today, as I launched Reason, very excited to work on some music... I got the MUCH DREADED Soundbank disc request again.

FOR F@#$%#@$'s SAKE!! WHY?!?!!?

And much to my chagrin, Reason is once again refusing to detect my discs, the copies I made of the discs, copies of the copies, copies of the copies of the copies, etc....

oh... and the prop shop only offers replacement discs for the install disc, not the soundbanks!?!??!?!? God this is so frustrating!!!!

So my suggestion: Get with it props!!! The whole disc check challenge is outdated, and a pain in the ass!!! And if you MUST keep doing this, at least make sure that the detection code for future versions is more efficient.

And another thing, if the install files can be downloaded from your update section, woudlnt it make more sense to sell replacements for the soundbanks instead of the install CD?

Just a few simple suggestions so that you can make our experience with installing reason a lot less frustrating

A very loyal but VERY disappointed fan.

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