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Old 2006-10-06, 21:33
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Yet another Reason and Protools question! HELP!!!!!

I have asked this same question on DUC's forum. If I can get an answer to this from them I'll post back for anyone here that also have this same question:

I'm new to pt, but a vet on reason. Through the post here I have figured out how to get Reason's instruments to play in pro-tools, Collectivly and individually. However I would like to use the two slightly different.


I would like to be able to use reason as usual (the main midi sequencing program) and I'd like to continue edititing in Reason for everything that I write with reason. However I'd like to use protools at the same time and have it set up through rewire working in both programs simultaneusly. I want protools to record only the output of what reason is feeding it. The idea in doing this is just ease of composing while editing for me. I don't want to bounce anything if possible either, but at the same time I'd like to add guitar/vocals/whatever other instruments using protools.


While protools is open I can't use Reason as normal, I can only use it in conjunction with protool's midi sequencing set ups. (the usually described way to work the programs together)


I think I should disable midi control from protools? I don't use any external "hardware" midi interfaces so I don't really need protools's midi capabilities. But I'm unaware of how to do pass the entire midi controls over to reason. I believe that would solve the issue of not being able to run midi ONLY with Reason.In theory all of this should work...But then how would I get protools to record only the out put of reason.

All together, all at the same this possible?

Thank you for your time, and feel free to email me with help as well. (


PS: I've recenly heard that Refuse ( ) might be able to help me out with this. Any insight on this would also be great appriciated.

- thanks again

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