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Using MPC 2500 to control Redrum *LOL*

Ok, I'm basically using the MPC as an expensive midi controller when I'm using Reason 3.0.4.
I've got it running through a DIGI 002 on Tiger OS X 10.4.7 .

1. All the channels of ReDrum are automatically assigned to various pads on Bank A of the MPC , with exception of channel 6 of ReDrum, which for some reason, is assigned to a pad on the MPC in Bank C. For some reason, REASON won't let me remote override the pads to where I specifically want them to be when I press the pads.

2. I can trigger the sounds of ReDrum with the MPC ,but it won't let me RECORD in the sequencer. When I use my Oxygen 61 keyboard to trigger Redrum, it will record with no problem.

Anybody got suggestions for my 2 problems?

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