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Combinator Feature - toggling buttons

It would be useful for me at least, if there was some ability to have toggling a certain button "on" would toggle other buttons "off".

This would be useful in the following scenario: Say a single combi housed three subtractors. Button 1 solos subtractor1, Button 2 solos subtractor 2, button 3 solos subtractor 3.

This can be now be accomplished via the programer by having button 1 turn on solo on sub1 and turn solo off on sub2 and sub3, but the buttons for solo sub 2 and solo sub three could still be potentially pressed, resulting in possible confusion as to exactly which sub is solo'd.

Better, methinks, to have it work like an HTML radio button, where activating one button deactivates the others, so turning on solo on one subtractor would automatically turn it off on the other ones, making things simpler.

Clear as mud?

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