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Old 2006-10-21, 02:14
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OK! here's a great way to route Protools and Reason!

I posted the question to this a while back with no feed back. So after many sleepless nights I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!

For those of you here that like to use protools but still want to use Reason as reason (using it's sequencer etc)here you go!!!!

First when opening PT it will automatically "steal" all the usb midi elements. Thus rendering Reason pretty much as only a sound bank or a shabby "vsti" type of thing. To be able to use reason in all it's glory, while using Protools, unplugg your usb
controller before opening Protools. (Thanks again spkguitar!!!!) Now, Open protools, plug back in your usb midi controller and use the following.

1: Track New Aux
Insert Reason
in = 1-2
Out = Bus 1-2

(This will open an empty Reason session and rack. If you have a particular song just close out the Reason session, it wont effect protools, and open what ever song/session your wanting to work on.)

2: Track New Audio
In = Bus 1-2
Out = 1-2

During editing and composing only worry about hearing the Reason (Aux), Switch the Aux Io Out to Out 1-2 . This will disable the Aux to be recorded into the Audio track but until your ready to actually record whats being done in Reason it's useless anyways. It may be a good idea to have it there and ready for when the time comes to use it (as a reminder or something). Other wise delete it and create it again when your ready to record it.

So thats it, hope this helps anyone here that may have been having the same issues!

A Conscious Vessel

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