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Old 2006-10-25, 16:45
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An Open Letter to Props: Reason is ALMOST the greatest tool

An Open Letter to Props: Reason is ALMOST the greatest tool in the world. Here's why:

I think the very cool video with Printz of BEP shows it all at the end. Wouldn't it have been awesome to fire up an AUDIO IN channel and record Will.I.Am's vocals? How many times has a song concept NOT HAPPENED or been LOST due to no audio in in Reason?

Yes, I know, one could open up Logic, Cubase or whatever and capture that track. And then you get two song files, double the CPU usage and the ongoing semi-reliability of ReWire. It adds to tedium and cumbersomeness, which is something I thought Reason was supposed to eliminate (and does in terms of synths).

C'mon Props! I know you said you don't want Reason to be a DAW. But I have one question: WHY NOT?!?

Reason is, IMHO, THE BEST product out there for putting together tracks, building great synthesizer concepts and sounds, quickly throwing together track ideas and for making an excellent final product. It is all pro and yet very easy to use. Plus it's extremely CPU efficient.

Why then, is there such a resistance to putting an audio in capability in Reason? It's like building the world's best race car and then putting no steering wheel on it, saying "we're not about steering wheels".

The "it will use more CPU power than we'd like" argument doesn't hold water. Fer cryin' out loud, Opcode put multitrack audio capability in Studio Vision in 1991! This was on Macs that ran at around 50 MEGAhertz. Do you mean to tell me that G4's, G5's, Pentiums and Intel Core Duo's cannot handle that miniscule amount of headroom? I know in Cubase that Halion or an NNXT Rewired in takes up more CPU then 6 tracks of audio being played back!

I use Cubase for one reason alone, and that's to add audio tracks to Reason. I have a bunch of VSTi's from NI and others, which are awesome, but I hardly use them! Even though they sound incredible, I find them inconvenient, cumbersome, and quite frankly, I can get most any sound I want out of Reason ALONE.

Truly, I think Props is missing the point here along with an enourmous opportunity, and I hope they will listen to the obvious huge desire for Reason to be able to record audio. I believe Props could become the Roland of the music instrument industry with this step. Seriously!

I know a lot of musicians, and many would LOVE audio in not only for vocals, but harps, mandolins, shakuhachi's.. you name it!

Reason should be about the artists. The technology should not get in the way. Props has largely accomplished this, but not completely.

C'mon guys... Audio In please!

And that concludes my rant.

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