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What does

For starters, if the Props were to even consider putting audio recording into Reason, what do you expect it to be able to do?

Let's face is...Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic have evolved into their current states over 5-10 years of development and evolution. Therefore, it's completely unreasonable (no pun intended) to expect that level of audio power on the first audio release. Not to mention that these typically cost more than Reason now does (without the diversity of sound devices Reason has), so in order to match feature for feature, we should expect the price of Reason to go up considerably if the goal is to directly compete.

So, for the very first release, what level of audio support would make you happy?

For me, I'm a guitarist at heart, that has evolved somewhat to include keys and electronic type sounds. In a nutshell, I'd love to be able to create a Reason song traditionally, and then have the flexibility to add a couple tracks of guitar, bass and/or vocals.

With that in mind, I would be happy with a "Tape Deck" type device, which records a stereo signal. The only editing that I think is really necessary for the first release is the generic auto punch-in and out. Then, use any existing Reason FX with it. Just like any other Reason device, you'd be able to add as many additional stereo devices/tracks as your computer will handle.

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