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Old 2006-11-09, 21:04
Chieluzz Chieluzz is offline
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Performance issue in starting new song (Cubase and Reason)

I'm wondering if I have a performance issue or.. something is wrong in the setup or.. I'm dealing with a bug or .... this is just the way it is. I'm working with Reason3 and CubaseSX3 via rewire for a while and with reason 2.5 the performance is very fine. For Reason 3 its a different story (I think).

When I have one of my Cubase projects open together with my reason (default song) everthing looks okay. Then I want to start a new project in Reason from scratch and therefore I select [NEW] from the reason menu.

1) Opening the new reason project takes about 6-8 seconds.
2) Select (focus)first window again of Demo Song takes about 3-5 seconds
3) Closing the Demo song takes about 6 seconds again.
(That makes 20 seconds for just starting a new song)

After that, I can open again a new (empty) reason project but that only takes 1 second.

After a few more tests it seems that the combination CubaseSX (just including some midi tracks) and reason (including a few combinators), gives me trouble in opening new (empty) projects. Sometimes up to 30 seconds (opening and closing together).

I'm wondering this has something to do with my PC (Pentium4 2,66G incl.1.5GB ram)? or is it normal that it takes a long time to open a new Reason project.

Another thing.
In Reason 2.5 you just close the Demo project and then open a new one. If that should be possible in Reason 3, I think I can work around this issue.

Does anyone have any advice (except buying a new PC)?


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