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Some Features that would be Nice =)

Sequencer Improvements
Independant LFO and Envelope
Audio input (I'm picky though, I'd prefer to see it done really well later than half-assed earlier)

Some of these features might not seem so important for music making Since you can get most of them otherwise, But it would just make working with reason so much

more organized and nice. =)

Most Important: Sequencer improvents
- Ability to change and Automate Tempo
- Abiltiy to change Meter Time

LFO features
- Multiple LFO's to One Machine (Three would be nice)
-Gate input (LFO isn't running unless the gate is activated)
-Index function (Like in the Malstrom) So you can start the LFO at any point in the Cycle (With the gate input) Would be nice to have a visual representation of this to remove the guesswork.
-Much lower rate that Subtractors LFO, at Least 64/4 (For Very Slow moving sounds) =)
-Lots of Forms, Like with the Malstroms Mods
- Multiple CV outputs for each LFO on each machine (To remove spiderwebs)
- Also, rather than adjusting the wee little funny knobs on the back of the Machines, have each LFO have varying strengths (Which would be adjustable on the front)

Envelope Features
-As opposed to the LFO's I wouldn't want more than one per machine (Would be too many buttons and too much stuff in your face if you only wanted just one)
-Gate Input
-Synchronization (Have the attack and stuff like that last 1/64th, 1/16th etc.)
-Lots and Lots of Shaping controls (Including Strengths, as well as timings, to avoid those little annoying knobs on the back)
-Multiple CV outs.

Redrum Improvements (These just to make it work better for hooking up to Synth Drums)
- Have each channel be able to send a pitch thingy along with gate (For use with Synth drums, so you can tune all of them)
- Have Connecting length bars below the step sequencer, and gate Triggering options (Being able to adjust how long each thingy triggers for)

More Efficient Spiders
- Rather than ave a million wee little things, Just make one Big machine with all the splits (of different sizes) Merges, inversions and stuff of the like you could ever want.

A better Filter than the ECF-42 (Read this from the user RichBRF, who also gave me the idea for the independant LFO and Envelope)

And of course, Audio...

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