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just tried NI Massive

Hi forum, this is my 3rd post here. So far it seems to be a nice place.

I have been toying around with the new release of Native Instruments Massive.

It really sounds very nice indeed. Sort of like a great sounding stand alone Reaktor synth.

After playing it for 3 or more hours I booted up Reason 3 and began working on some new synthesizer combis. After my tooling around I went back to using Massive.

Let me tell you, Massive sounds great, but my CPU was cooking like crack on a spoon. Versus some of the synthesizer combis in Reason. In the end my new synth combis were as good to my ears as Massive. I have really taken to the Reason interface, and love that it works like hardware!

it has limitations & yet with the new combinator is does not have limitaions.

The last NI products I bought was Reaktor 5 & Absynth 3.
I could live withouth Reaktor & never touch Massive again. Absynth is a default for my studio though. A great synth period.

Reason just keeps getting better and better though.

I think allot of people just get tired of looking at the same old racks in Reason. Sure, I do to. I have owned Waldorfs, Clavia's nords & Access's Virus. Just close your eyes and listen to what Reason can actually do. Its amazing. It has its own voice like every other synth ever made. And that can only be a good thing.

Ok back to topic. That being said, Massive would just be a Massive waste of money for me. Its great. But I have heard it before. I can duplicate (clone) the sounds in Reason 3. And it might not be spot on, but thats the voice of Reason. I might end up using the money I would of spent on Massive on some $300 crack... Maybe.

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