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Notes in reason

I had a artist I,m making a ep for in on the weekend,We were making effects and intro outro samples in reason then rewireing straight into cubase effectings with vst,s rexing bringing them back in to reason ect.
we were going so fast purly for his ep that at points there were things I wanted to take futher for my music.
But because of time restriants I had to quickly save the file jot down on bits of paper what would be good.
My question which must have been bought up many many times before is there anyway of making this possible like notepad in cubase.
Or even better than that system,how about right click,make note.
Then a tiny props icon comes up which you can place anywhere in the rack or sequencer.
When you place it a little note pad comes up for you to jot a bit down then bang its encoded in the rns.
They could be deleted moved or saved.
When you minimise the instrument it might perhaps have a different colour border or stripe to one side so you could find it quickly.
It would be a convenience.

As much as a custom sequencer enviroment such as minamise certain tracks,be able to push the sequencer window over the tracks to free up more space if needed.
And to definately be able to change the background colour from sterile white to a more inspirational (insert colour here!).

But I still fell the thrill of when I saved up enough hard earned cash to buy reason 2 and first looked at the empty rack begging for instruments.
So Thanks for what you guys have done for my music anyway.

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