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Old 2006-11-20, 02:11
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also new to reason - few questions re: recording in cubase


i'm using a program that turns your computer keyboard into a midi keyboard of sorts (until i get a usb keyboard, at least). i can't remember what its called, i had to install midiyoke in order to get it working properly and then some other thing to get it to work with reason as the master keyboard

i haven't played around in reason much, but i have used this keyboard to play piano and drums from the samples included.

when you record stuff from reason in cubase, do you have to record a song/loop that you've already got pre-programmed in there? basically i'd like to get cubase running, start recording, get reason & this computer keyboard program up and running, and then just record myself playing in real-time. can this be done? i would assume so, but i can't get anything to work properly. rewire doesn't seem to be functioning properly. the meters show activity when i play on the keyboard but nothing seems to record, and i don't hear any sounds.

any advice? i've got an m-audio usb soundcard and use asio4all.. the computer keyboard + reason work fine, cubase works fine on its own, i just can't seem to get everything to work together.

thanks - i appreciate any help.


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