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Old 2006-11-20, 16:18
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Industrial Patches + couple of other questions


I've been using reason for about a year as a great tool to get the full picture of my music-ideas. I program all instruments but the guitars, in what I guess goes under the genre "symphonic black metal". Every now and then I've had some ideas where I would add some industrial sounds, but I haven't found too many in the factory sound bank. Does anyone know where i can get/buy/download patches for industrial sounds?

As I program my ideas, I also program the drums from scratch. I never use any loops, never use the same fill twice. I used to be a drummer, and enjoy the process, even though it takes some time. However, there isn't too many good sounds in the factory sound bank for "metal-drums", so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if I'll find that in the drumkit-refills, or would it be a waste of money to buy that refill?

I also wonder if anyone who tried the strings-refill can recommend it. As I am making the symphonic parts of my music, I pretty much program the whole orchestra, instrument by instrument. (Yes, it takes forever, especially since I don't have a midi-keyboard or anything like that yet.) I would guess there's quite a lot more and better sounds in the strings-refill compared to the orchestra sound bank...?

Finally, is there any good really heavy guitar sounds out there? I know it's probably not too many others who uses reason for black metal (please prove me wrong...), but it would be great to see the guitar patches reach the same level of quality as the majority of the sounds i've found in reason. And by the way, for anyone who tried to program guitars, any luck in programming riffs that constantly changes between muted and open strings?

Ok, that turned out to be quite a few questions. Hope there are some answers waiting for me.


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