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oh no

I've so many prob's with this before. I nveer knew, or pinned it down before, but I sure should have. OMG, this one's huge, and a reason I can't do many things I'd like to. I've found this many times before, but never remembered to say something about when I got home days later.

k, so I'd like to make a patch that the user selects the notes ('DA CV), like in old synths, and then the trigger is supplied by whatever (my deviously devlish programming- but hey, at least they get to select the notes)

So why have I never been able to make this work. I've tried many times, and stupidly just moved on, because I could do it some other way.

But now we have the Combi, and wansts to create cool synths with whatever amount of control or sometimes lack of control to our users.

Create a Sub. Create a Matrix. Hook only the gate from the Matrix to the Gate Input on the Sub. Program some hooky into the Matrix- only the beats matters, because the Matrix is not supplying the notes, it's just supplying the triggers. The notes are SUPPOSED to be hooked up to the keyboard.

Play 'yer keyboard.

This is wrong. This is blazingly, horridly wrong.

It's retriggering the note value every time it gets a trigger signal. This is not in any way right, or even very useable.

In a modular cv synth, the VCO will set at whatever key was last pressed, because it's key signal source- if you have it connected that way, which we do here, that's what I'm talking about- comes ONLY from the keyboard. You DO NOT have the keyboard hooked up as the trigger source. This gets us things like creating complex rythmic triggering patterns and then we just play notes on the keys.

This can't be done in Reason, because it resets the note/cv value every time a synth retriggers. So, if you have nothing hooked up to the cv, it resets at this nebulous "home" tone of whatever synth.

This could not be more wrong. Well, anything could be right, since you make the rules. But this has NOTHING to do with history of cv synthesis.

Even in your own architechture, it should work the way I depict. Why would there even be the option of disconnecting the frikin cv source of a synth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't tell me this is "Sample and Hold" synth stuff, this is just fugn basic to synths. There is no creative reason to do it this way, which is so very wrong.


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