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Old 2006-11-24, 15:05
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Synth builder to build your own synth in Reason

This would be great.
Build Your own modules with some "core" components - like in synth edit etc.
Some device like Combinator but more complicated, with edit mode and custom design panel.
It could work like this:
Create empty SynthBuilder device, turn edit mode on and you can start patching, inserting modules (vco, vca, vcf, lfo etc.)
At the main panel would start appearing controls: knobs, buttons - graphic look of this all would be predefined by propellerheads and user would have an option to skin his SynthBuilder like he wants and to arrange whole look of it (where to put knobs, buttons).
There could be a show/hide option at each control so you could choose how many and what knobs do you need.
After finishing Your work You would switch edit mode off and start playing
Also there could be lock option so users could lock their creations.

This would enable third party companies to build such a devices.

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