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hi, a friend went to australia for a year and left me a bunch of his music software, reason 3.0 and reason drum kit 2 were in this bunch and i was mainly interested in rdk2, so for the past while ive been getting a grip on reason 3.0 and recently i started working on rdk2 i can load rdk2 in the combinator,nn-xt,reddrum,nn-19,dr-rex and all that but from watching the promo video i got the idea that i can creat my own kit with what ever selection of drums i want and what ever mic set up i want and so on and assign those drums to whatever keys i want on my keyboard, which is really what i want to do but i just cant figure it out, i didnt get any manuals with any of the software but i was able to download the reason 3.0 manual and quick start guide but i cant find any manuals/guides/tutorial/info for rdk2 i read there is a tutorial dvd but i cant get that either, so i could really do with any help and advice that ye can offer, oh yea i cant register the software to get help from the guys at propellerhead because its already registered and i have'nt heard from my friend since he left coz hes stuck out in the bush!!!
anyway, cheers...

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