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Old 2006-12-11, 23:25
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Questions using Reason 3.0 w/Drumkit 2.0 Refill

I'm always looking for the best in recording quality, and I have found that as far as drums go, it just doesn't get any better than the Drumkit 2.0 refill; but I am still just getting experienced with Reason and have a few questions on the Drumkit 2.0 refill.
There is a problem when I try to mix the individual parts of the drum set. I use the Hard-Harder set, by Jocke Skog I believe, and there are two things I want to do but can?t find out how to.
I try turning down the high hat on the mixer, but even if I turn it down all the way, it barely affects the level and it still far too loud. I mean it helps some, but not as much as it should, because I turned it down all the way and its still to loud.
I also want to make the bass drums stand out more than anything, and I think upping the pitch in the bass would work, but the only thing I found close to helping me with that was the pitch wheel on the actual NN-XT of the bass; But that wont stay put, if you drag it up it just goes back to the middle. And I tried messing with the other bass patches, but I'm just really looking for some way to make the bass stand out more than anything, and having a low pitched bass is not going to do the trick.

So I need help making the mixer work with the level of the individual pieces of the set, such as the high hat and snare. And if any one has any idea with making the bass drum stand out over guitar, bass guitar, vocals and the rest of the kit when I mix it down with Adobe Audition, please let me know!!!

Simply turning up the bass drum usually doesn?t help, I merely want to change the sound it's self to stand out more.

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