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Old 2006-12-29, 06:01
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Setup with Mbox 2, intel iMac, and Reason Adapted?

I was wanting to see if anyone could help me with my setup. I have the keystation 88es, with a MIDI cable going from the back of the keyboard to an Mbox 2 with ProTools. I also have the Keyboard's USB going to my intel iMac computer.

I also have a ProTools video tutorial that goes over the setup process, but when I try to setup the audio MIDI as they do on the video, I don't have the same MIDI I/O diagram that they have (with the arrows for input/output). All that shows is the keystation 88es, and the Mbox. There is also the IAC Driver, but not the same MIDI input/output (with the arrows) that I guess are supposed to hook up to the arrows (in/outs) to the keyboard and Mbox.

Is there something else I need for my setup? Do I need a separate external MIDI interface besides the MIDI on the Mbox? I appreciate your help. . .


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