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small big improvements

1. the LFO rate could be slower when in Sync-mode: i.e. 32/4, 64/4, 128/4

2. randomize synth with the option to NOT change the Amp:ADSR and/or Filter:ADSR

3. PolyMatrix (for chords)

- randomize matrix with a lower and upper limit

- optional smooth transitions of the matrix curve

- "shift and drag line" in the Velocity section of the matrix (Tie notes with Ctrl ?)

4. ReDrum's flam amount synched to tempo when needed.

5. RV7000 Gate- Release parameter could be smaller than 100 ms.
The "Length" parameter in the Reverse algorithm could begin at 0 ms to prevent delay when you create trance gates.

6. Kinda bug in Reason?: On the NN-19 and NN-XT when I load a large (lets say 3:00 minutes @140 bpm) wav-file and play it in Reason also @140 bpm, then the wav-file gets out of sync after some time. you can check this if you play a ReDrum (or the click metronome) in the Background.
But if i set the sample tune to "1" (default is "0") the wav-file is perfectly in sync.

I know it's not an issue with small waves but with large ones that need to be in sync. And I don't want to change the sample tune to "1" everytime I load a wav-file.

7. And the holy TB-303 (should be mentioned at first place, but I think thats nothing new to the Propellerheads)

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