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Old 2007-01-04, 13:30
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Batch processing for ReCycle is a MUST!

Hi dear Propellerheads!

I know, that I am not the only one providing this idea to you, but maybe I am one more that leads you to simply making our musically wishes come true:

Currently I am converting the drumloops of my tons of sampling cds I bought in the past.
You really should think of a batch processing feature for ReCycle.

May it be like this:
Sampling CDs mostly offer their drumloops in separate folders, sorted by their bpm.
The automatic batch processing would be able to convert these folders (e.g. the content) to standard rx2-files, sliced up into 1/16.
So for the user it'll be only necessary to type in the amount of bars and bpm number once for each folder, if ReCycle won't be able to find this out alone...

Otherwise you it would be extremely helpful to include the ReCycle features into Reason.
Then we could import any wav-drumloop and slice it up at the same time to set it into the right bpm...

Really, this would help us sooooo much!
It's so time-wasting what I gonna do at present...

Think about it!

P.S.: Have you ever converted 3.000 drumloops in the current ReCycle version?
If so, you probably know what I mean... ;o)

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