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Old 2007-01-04, 19:41
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do *not* add audio recording capability. PLEASE

Been using PH stuff since early days of ReBirth...been a dedicated Reason User since its first release. I figured I'd poke around here and see what folks were saying. I'm surprised at the number of people who want audio recording capabilities in reason.

I'd rather see a separate PH audio app if thats what people want.

Personally, I think the worst possible thing that could happen to reason is adding audio recording. It was, and is, intended to be a softsynth (for all intents and purposes). Would you buy reaktor or absynth and expect to record with it? why then in Reason?

There are enough garbage "do it all" appplications out there. I do not want Reason to be another one. I do not want reason to suddenly take up as much system resources as Pro Tools. Actually with that in mind...adding audio capabilities would likely mean many home users would have a very hard time running reason in rewire with any "real" DAW like pro tools. i can run both just fine at home right now with 1.5G processor and 1.5G of RAM. I cannot imagine that to be the case if they start adding more and more unneeded junk to this app.

Lets get PH to work on more important things like improving the sequencer & the devices, adding new synth devices, improving the compressors and EQ's, etc.

anyway...cheers people. long live reason.

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