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Old 2007-01-17, 22:58
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Focus On Sequencer and Utility Devices

I'm taking my one shot here to say what I would like to see in Reason 4. Most of it would be fairly simple to implement.

1) Focus on the sequencer. Right-click tool selection. Key commands for setting L/R loop markers (no clicking req). Dedicated editing commands like transpose, scale velocity, and maybe even some cooler ones like retrograde, pitch inversion, humanize. Zoom functions via key commands. Recallable views. And then the oft-requested tempo and time signature tracks and, finally, MIDI Out.

2) Utilities. A 1/2 rack basic control voltage modulation source that can generate numerous syncable waveforms as well as DC. It seems ridiculous to have to always load a malstrom/subtractor/matrix to do this. A 1/2 rack simple stereo width processor w/ gain and phase.

3) Give Martix a facelift. The Marix is one thing that could actually be bigger. Wish to view more then an octvae at a time. Add a key trigger, key offset, and banks of preset patterns so it can funtion as a real arppegiator. How about adding polyphony?

4) Other goodies. As long as I'm requesting - how about a programmable top notch stereo resonant filter with numerous modes 12,24, 48 db/oct, LP, HP, BP, Notch, as well as a choice of character like Modern, Vintage 1, Vintage 2. A dedicated stutter device and a sample and hold device would be cool as well. And finally, an MClass Stereo Delay with enough parameters that it can be used for anything from Ping-Pong to Chorusing and Flanging.

5) Expand the number of parameters per device that a combinator knob or button can control.


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