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8th note shuffle? We need that!!

Hey to all. Im pretty new to Reason but not new to producing. Iv been using reason for six months and i must say overall this program is CRAZY. There are some things i wish the ph team would do like improving the seqencer.
I come from the world of mpc and we all know banging out grooves on those things are straight forward and simple but
they are not as flexible or as fast as software. I was doing this track and i needed a 8th note shuffle feel and i noticed that the shuffle knob doesn't affect the 8th notes. My mpc 60 does this with no problem. If you guys could empliment this in to the sequencer that would be great. also the matrix device and the redrum should have there own shuffle knobs so lets say that if i have the matrix devices up and a redrum, i should be allowed to shuffle each device individually with there own percentages. Peace

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