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THOR Suggestion

Propellerhead ...doing a "semi-modular" synth?!?!

YEAH Baby!

It looks good from what we can tell so far.


1.) Most (all) "semi"-modular synthesizers lock the user into the usual VCO-VCF-VCA voice structure.

PLEASE (pretty-please!!!)...

PLEASE, Props, this is your chance to SHINE and DAZZLE us all once again and ensure an eternal loyalty. PLEASE DO NOT make this mistake. PLEASE open the archetecutre to allow the user to violate the sacred VCO-VCF-VCA cow.

There is almost no point in producing a "semi"-modular instrument IF we cannot restructrue the voice archetecture OUR OWN WAY, even if that way does not seem to make sense to YOU.

2.) PLEASE get creative. Don't limit controlers to EGs and VCOs. Don't limit modifiers to VCFs and delays. Go ahead, break the rules. INVENT novel control and processing modules. Take this opportunity to introduce something TOTALLY (or at least somewhat) unique.

Think arpegiators, aleatoric controlers, non-western tuning systems, etc. Think waveshapers, timbre-twisting modifiers, etc.

Just duplicating the Subtractor and the Malestrom again will not move REASON very far forward.


Do the right thing!

MANY thanks for the best product on the market.


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