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Thanks to Native Instruments !!!!

I would like to thanks Native Instruments for helping me to move to Reason!

There lack of tech support knowledge, customer care, multiple serious bugs & forcing there loyal users to be unknowing BETA testers has forced us to abandon ever upgrading products we bought from them.

And now working with Reason 3 for stand alone sound design and also via ReWire into Logic (XP&OSX) has provided unbelievable reliability VS the sometimes unreliable VST & AU from Native Instruments.

I am not here to bash N.I. but just to say thanks to them, sure NI software sounds great works pretty good & is by far at one end of the spectrum of "cutting edge" like Propellerhead Software is at another.

I shot around using Reason for years, listened to people bash it or praise it.

I have used hardware such as Nord Lead 2, 3 & the Nord Modular G2 for years. Not to mention the Access & Waldorf synths I owned in the past.

After spending more and more time with R3 I can now say WOW. The combinator really can bring in some great custom made synths that are easy to program to.
I only use the (Subtractor and Malstrom)

I can hear a patch on a Reaktor synth and then just go into Reason and make it in no time at all. I am not trying to say one is better, both are great.

So thanks Native Instruments for forcing me to use a product that I thought was a toy when it really is a unbelievable tool.

Go figure Reason is so great, Sweds made the Nord Leads to!

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