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Old 2007-01-29, 07:07
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MIDI browsing interface a la XLN Audio

Wow. I just checked out XLN Audio's Addictive Drums (AD) demo plug-in and I love the MIDI file browsing/ drag-and-drop interface. The ease-of-use factor just kills me. I could see a lot of benefit to the Reason Drum Kits Refill if there was some kind of similar interface.
As it is, I have to import one of the RDK MIDI files without knowing what the beat sounds like and then cut and paste the individual parts. Not that I don't know how to do it, but it interupts the flow. Naturally, it wouldn't have to be a feature limited to just drums, but rather a MIDI browser for any instrument/sound.

In XLN's AD, I can preview the file and drag the desired clip into Live as a MIDI clip--instant drum track. Too bad I can't drag it right into Reason! In addition, if I want a different snare, I can just select a different one in AD (and preview it)-- no sweat!

I love RDK and the detail put into it. It could use some kind of improvement through Reason's interface. I wonder if I can drag MIDI files into Live that play an RDK combi in Reason (and the kick, snare and cymbals aren't mixed up!), but if Reason were able to do this alone...

Just a suggestion.

XLN's AD drums

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