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Advice on latency

I just bought reason 3. I installed it. I know very little. I am reading through the manual. It barely touches on latency. So, this is a latency question.

I go into Edit, Preferences, Audio. Then there is a sample size, buffer slider and a latency compensator arrow. I have read the manual about this and I have played around with these adjusters.

I am wondering if it should be set at a certain minimum sample rate, if there is a minimum buffer size recommended, and if there is a way to mess with the latency compensator.

I know how to adjust these but I don't know why or where to set them. Currently my default latency is 92ms. For me it is way to much latency. It really throws of my playing.

I would like a very low latency without sacrificing too much buffer size and without sacrificing the sample rate.

Is there a way to do this in these settings or do I need a hardware solution? I would like to have helpful suggestions about both routes.

Thank you kindly in advance,
Erik aka valmour

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