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Vocoder for Newbies

I am new to Reason and I admit that I have done more experimenting than reading (RTFM) the manual. So far so good except when it comes to the Vocoder.

I did a search on propellerheads site. Vocoder is popular as a difficult problem, answers to Vocoder difficulties are not. People have trouble learning how to set up Vocoder.

First, many Vocoder answers have expired because people have not reregistered with this web site over the years. What a waste! What if one of the answers could save you a tech support call or email? Why delete information?

Many people answered go to the home page and look it up... that page no longer exists on the home page, if it ever did.

Some answer RTFM. I get it.

I say this. When there is a specific problem that is so complicated that a significant portion of users don't get it - either make a step by step tutorial so obvious that even the delinquent can't miss it or simply fix the problem so that no one needs to worry about it.

So far, neither is true.

Like many users I detect that the Vocoder can be utilized as a equalizer but can not figure out how to use the Vocoder.

All we hear is nothing when switched to Vocoder. And as far as I can see from as far back as 2003 all you can hear from this web board is nothing on how to fix this problem for those of us who are new at this.

I would like to thank the first person who explains how to use Vocoder so ANYONE can understand it.

Those who say look it up or it is on the web site are not helpful. Those who give a link or specific directions, ARE.

Thank you.

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