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Old 2007-02-09, 13:33
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My Reason 3 workflow and general thoughts about Reason 4

Just thought I would post about how I'm using reason at the moment. I should also say that I'm not really waiting for Reason 4 because I have other software and DAWs that I use that will probably do everything that Reason 4 will do anyway. If Reason 4 has something completely new in it or an improved audio engine I might upgrade.
Anyhow I use logic as my main sequencer and rewire Reason only if I am recording midi. For example I record Reasons drumkits in logic and then edit the midi map in logic to get th edrum sounds that I want.
The redrum loops and rex loops and also some synth parts I record in Reason 3 and save them as .wav files which I then bring into Kontakt 2 within Logic and layer them up as a new instrument. I find that wav files saved in Reason sound really good. Better than files saved in Ableton Live for example.
I use a lot of different combinator refills and my favorite at the moment is the Bitworld wavefront refill which makes really good patches when loaded as a layer in Kontakt 2.
I mix a lot of Reason 3 with other software I have - so I'll take a spectrasonics drum loop and add a bit of reason drumkit refill. Or take a redrum loop and mangle it with a u-he filter.
So basically I blend a lot of the reason instruments with my other instruments in logic. For live performances I use Ableton although I don't really like using it as my main DAW.
Here is a list of my stuff:
Reason 3 - don't need reason 4 unless something really new comes along- although would like a new recycle.
Logic Pro 7.2.3 - great synths like sculpture and love the drum machine (better in m any ways than redrum) but different sounding somehow.
Zebra 2 - amazing synth by U-He - best sounding software synth equal to sculpture in sound quality but obviously a different type of synth. I doubt the new Thor from Props will be as good but lets hope.
Kontakt 2 - just great for layering sounds - didn't need to by spectrasonics' atmosphere synth because Kontakt 2 is better and more versatile.
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX - nice tool to use and this is how Props should be doing their Dr Rex. Basically Stylus contains drum loops that are midi mapped so that you can lay down the drum loop with the midi data and change everything about the loop. There's much more to it than this and STYLUS plays REX files too - so if you have Recycle you can rexify your loops and put them into Stylus RMX. But for ease of use Stylus gets good marks.
The included instruments within logic are really good and the DSP plugins are o.k in Logic, but I prefer to use a combination of LiquidMix and UAD plug-ins.
That's about it.
My thoughts are that if you use only one program to make music then you should use Reason 3 and hope that Reason 4 is a good upgrade.
If you use more than one program to make music then Reason 3 is still a great tool (great instrument), but you won't be too excited by Reason 4 unless it has something totally new that your other instruments don't have.
This is the big development challange for Propellerhead. How do they interest the users who daily use innovative software? The Props are no longer the most innovative software developers around - and that's no disrespect to them. But should they upgrade Reason 3 to 4 just to play catch-up with other software?
I'm happy enough right now with what I have for making music - to improve reason 3 for people who only use Reason shouldn't be too difficult but to excite musicians who use U-He or NI or Spectrasonics' products is a little more difficult.
I have the feeling that for the next couple of years innovation in music production software will plateau out because we have everything we need in the software realm already. Perhaps the Props should start developing hardware products? Yeah I don't know - but anyhows i'm a happy Reason 3 customer / user - can't see Reason 4 being anything revolutionary though so don't get your hopes up people - there's a lot of great music making software out there already.

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