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Old 2007-02-14, 10:17
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Elektrisches Descent - Elysium \ Mountains & The Sea MIX

From Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, 1601:

If music be the food of love, play on;

Hi all !

We love music. It's an addiction... What with it being Valentine's Day today, what better day is there to present an elekd track?

Elektrisches Descent (ElekD)

Proudly presents:

" Elysium "

For now, two mixes exist of this track -

Elysium (Mountains & The Sea MIX)

Elysium means heaven. It also relates to Elysian Fields, the place in Greek mythology where heroes were conveyed after death. What we wanted to give you was a little slice of what we visualise heaven to be like. Perhaps something like the photograph above?

The title of our remix "Mountains & The Sea" was inspired by my trip to Cumbria, North West England. Cumbria is also home to the Lake District National Park, considered one of the most beautiful areas of the United Kingdom.

In our previous message to the board we said we wanted to be as diverse as possible in the types of people that are involved in elekd projects. We have a new member in our team; his name is David Preissel. He is the photographer for the image above and the model is his girlfriend: Laura Pechlivanis
David is in a rock band called: Pure Inc (, for the past year he has been very difficult to get hold of due to commitments for his band, shooting a music video and touring. I don't know who is harder to get hold of, Kurt Kurasaki or David Preissel!

In addition to the "trippy, jazzy drum & bass" we wanted the "potion" to be enriched with more eastern sounds. This is where I turned to Harvey Sahota (www.harveysahota). Harvey, at the core is a Bhangra artist ( I was very much inspired by his knowledge of ethnic music and music in general and we were able to assemble some nice sounds that we could blend into our project. The real Tabla and Santur sounds in the Mountains & The Sea MIX were created by him.

For elekd, the Santur sounds felt too conventional and they sort of clashed in terms of culture or style with what we were doing. In order to blend it, in classic elekd style we "bent and twisted" the Santur sounds to make it sound "different", the aim was to make it sound similar to a distorted electric guitar.

To give it the final "midas touch", we are also proud to add that Kurt Kurasaki has done some additional programming on the "Mountains and the Sea MIX.

We are extremely grateful to Harvey & Kurt for their contribution.

In order to save time so we can concentrate other aspects of our project the tracks have been mixed by Johannes Lohmus at Jaylow studios & mastered by Lorenz Vauck of XARC Mastering. I am grateful to them for making the mixing and mastering process a smooth one.

We hope you enjoy this project as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Elektrisches Decent -

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