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Old 2007-02-17, 07:58
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I want to use Reason LIVE w/ electro kit

Hi all

I'm currently on the ultimate quest of finding the lowest latency possible so we can trigger redrum samples onto our Roland electro drum kit. I'm in a band called Manny Molecular.

The idea behind our live setup is: Primary kick ass laptop with M-audio fast track pro sound card. One oxygen 8 midi keyboard, and one roland electro kit triggering reason midi & wav from the laptop. From there, there Is one live guitarist, and the vocalist. All bass, synth, drums come primarily from reason.

My first question is: Can we have the electro kit PLUS the keyboard triggering from reason at the one time, or do we need a second laptop for the keyboard?

Second question: What's the easiest way to play song after song, without too much time delay between songs? Would it be easiest to load track 2 up around 10 secs before song one finishes, stop track one, then go to track 2? Or is there a more efficient way of ensuring smooth transition?

Third question: Could anyone tell me of other bands/artists that use reason live?

Thank you so much for any advice!!!

Love and Gratitude!!!

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