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Reason Acadmic upgrade warning

Hello group,

I want to address something that's happened to me. I now realize the struggle that we are facing with software manufacturers and why it's becoming so difficult to stay an honest paying customer.

I recently became a teacher at a university. Several months ago I bought several academic upgrades for software I use every day: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Reason. All but one upgraded my previous, non-academic (full) software packages: Propellerheads' Reason.

There is a logical conclusion to this: The academic version of Reason will not upgrade any other version but a previous academic version of Reason. In all practicality this solves the business problem in a company of having to keep track of who's who in their database.

But what of the person who moves from academia to the mainstream world and vice verse? Does this mean that the user has to pay for an all-new product every time he or she graduates college and can no longer claim an academic discount? You don't have to do this with other software packages.

Or how about what happened to me?

I purchased the Reason upgrade on a reputable software vendor's web site. On their page is says that the academic upgrade will not upgrade any other version but an academic version. However, as a previous user, I didn't add the item to my cart from the product page. I already knew what the product did and what it was for. So I added it to my cart without looking at the page. There's no reason to (pardon the pun).

So I received the software, opened it and tried to install it. It didn't work. It told me that I could only upgrade a previous academic version. So I emailed Propellerheads. They told me they couldn't give me a refund. They told me to ask the vendor to give me a refund or to ask their distributor. I asked the vendor first, but they are not allowed to give refunds on opened software because they cannot guarantee that the license hasn't been used. I then emailed Line 6, who are the US distributor and they told me much the same. I then emailed Propellerheads (early last week) and they have yet to respond to my enquiry.

There seems to be a disconnect between all parties. No one has an incentive to help me. I believe the blame should lie with the manufacturer because they were the ones who set up the business case for separating their product line into sub-product lines without either looking at the industry as a whole, or by setting up adequate safeguards for their customers.

The onus should not be on the customer.

This leaves me in my present quandary. In all cases I have stated that I only wanted to either pay the difference or receive a refund so that I could get the proper upgrade.

I refuse to pay any more than anyone else for an upgrade for my software. I have been a good customer and I pay for my software legitimately. However, given my present situation (been going on for months now) why should anyone pay for software when it's so easy (and tempting) to steal from somewhere else? I see so many people who do this and they seem to be getting more benefit than me.


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