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Old 2007-02-23, 16:55
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Recording MIDI notes while slaved to external sequencer.

I was able to slave Reason 3.05 to my MPC2000XL (out of my 2kxl's port B) while controlling various instruments using port A and the hardware interface to send midi data using the various midi channels.

Now, my question is: Why am I unable to record the midi notes that my MPC is playing with NN-XT within the sequencer. The sequencer appears to be perfectly synced and the notes are being played, but no midi note data is being recorded by the sequencer.

Is this possible? The only other option I can see is to maybe save and export the midi file for the respective track with my MPC and then importing it into th track for the associated instrument within Reason.

As you can see, I would prefer the former. Let me know if anyone else has tried this and was successful.


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