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Old 2007-03-31, 21:14
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Wishlist - Combinator Patch change issue, file control...

1) When using the combinator, whilst playing a tune I like to try different patches to see which one sounds best. But, opening a new combinator patch results in Reason creating a new blank sequencer track which I find irritiating.

This means I have to go to the sequencer and pull down the menu of upto 100 devices and select the combinator I was working on to hear the new patch.

2) Which gives me another request, one I have seen before, Grouping of devices on massive menus into tidier subgroups - for example into Generators, FX and ?Mixers - like Start - All Programs - Accessories of Windows.

3) Oh and FULL control of files in Browser - Please let me delete tracks that are cluttering my HD

4) Oh and please - 303 in Reason 4! All the code is there already - just copy and paste!


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