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Old 2007-04-04, 20:45
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eqing my drums & sounds....How do i get it to sound like....

I'm not great with this program, so don't want to get too involved with anything majorly complex...

I'm trying to create a house/grarage track, but i just can't get my redrum drum kit sounds to have that final polished sound that you hear on other 'released' tracks...i know these are also mastered, but my tracks sound very weak in comparison! Iv'e added compression to my drums with some eq to give it some punch, but when i run them through my mixer & play another track on vinyl or cd to compare, other tracks seem to have much more punch & clarity in the drums/bass...mine are weak. Iv'e tried ading extra lower end to these instruments but they end up distorting without really getting that bass i'm looking for.

secondly my bass & other sounds seem to swamp my drums, the more i add a sound, & make them less pronounced. It all sound quite mono & I can't get these sounds especially the subtractor analogue synth to 'sound' stereo so my drums come through the centre pumping!

What am i doing wrong...if there are any websites with tips on the exact eq for each instrument & how to get things sounding stereo this might help.

I'm using reason 2...thanks for any tips.

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