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Old 2007-04-25, 00:44
ehf3000 ehf3000 is offline
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Key command or Remote Override for keyboard assignment

Dearest Propellerheads,

Wouldn't it be useful, for live performers especially, to be able to change patches, not by loading on the fly, but simply by assigning a key command or remote override mapping to a particular sequencer track (simultaneously moving the keyboard icon to that track)?

I'm aware that currently you can use the up and down arrows to switch tracks, but this does not move the keyboard icon, so it doesn't change the patch.

If this feature existed, a user could load up one Reason document with a series of devices, each one for a new song or section of a song, and then easily switch from one to the other.

I hope this is something you will consider adding. I think it would make the program even more powerful for live performance, and shouldn't require any additional CPU resources.

In Reason 3, a performer would need to use the mouse to make this type of change. In some cases this is practical, but in many cases it is not.

Thank you.

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