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Old 2007-04-28, 07:00
steveross steveross is offline
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apparent upheaval on Native Instruments forums ?

Just looking through the forums at Native Instruments.

Allot of users are getting fed up with the lack of support, rude Native Instrument staff, consistent bugs & product upgrade / registration issues.

This forum link is amazing! It is shameful that N.I. treats there customers like this.

It sounds like they even go as far as hanging up on people who have waited on hold for 3 hours.

I to have problems with my N.I. software, but I guess when you have thousands & thousands of pissed of users its gonna make some sort of dent.

I made a decision not to long ago "not to support anything from N.I." because of the problems mentioned above.

And there "service center" product authorization software is total ****!

But there forums are now littered with customer complaints.

Anyone else have problems with N.I. software or been treated badly by N.I. staff ????
look here at NI forums. Users want to take legal action..

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