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Old 2007-05-17, 22:33
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Some sequencer updates that would make my life great

I was thinking the other day about a few things I think would be excellent additions to Reason in the next major update. Well, maybe not the next, since it's probably too late for that at this point, but the following update.

1. The ability to store multiple sequences in the same project like you can in a video NLE. A lot of times it is nice just to work on part of a track without worrying about making a mess of the rest of your work, especially if you just want to try something out. If it doesn't work, no problem, you haven't edited your master sequence, just a separate sub sequence. This is much more elegant and functional than having multiple versions of projects.

2. Nested sequences. This way if you wanted to change a sub-sequence once it's been incorporated into a larger sequence, you can do so without having to change every sequence that it is nested into. Of course, we need to be able to copy directly into sequences also, without being forced to nest.

3. More customization of the sequencer window. I'd really like to be able to change the colors of the sequencer window so that when I am staring at it all day, my eyes don't burn out from staring at a bright white screen all day. Grey is beautiful.

3a. I'd like to be able to set the color for groups. That's all on that count.

4. I'd like more keyboard shortcuts for selecting tools in the sequence window. Specifically, I want to ability to press one key on the keyboard and select a tool. And I want to be able to customize the key commands. It would make working a lot faster if I didn't have to keep going back to the mouse. If this is already an option, it's unclear.

5. The ability to animate tempo/time signature. Of these two, tempo seems the easiest to integrate and is most important.

6. Make it easier to differentiate between the levels of notes that start at the same point so you can change the level of each note individually without having to enter a dialog box. Right now, you get one red bar that affects the level for any note in the track that starts at the same level. Perhaps when you select a note, that notes individual level could highlight in a color other than red (preferably a user definable color, see point 3). To adjust more than one note, but not all of them, you could shift-click them and their levels would highlight. With no notes selected, it would work just like it does now.

7. An optional double-wide rack window. With the proliferation of high-resolution, widescreen monitors, it just makes sense. It's not 2001 anymore. People have much more screen real estate and it would be great to be able to utilize it. The real rack mounted equipment I work with spreads out horizontally AS WELL AS vertically.

8. The ability to double click a knob or fader and enter a value directly into it. This would be especially useful for setting the levels on the mixer. I can do this for the tempo already; I wish I could do it for everything else.

9. The option to shade in the area between the in point and out point.

10. Customizable lead-in before recording MIDI. Right now I have to do this manually, which is fine, but it would be nice to have it done for me. I am very, very lazy.

11. A timer/timecode/whatever display. It makes sense.

That's it for now. Unlike most requests for audio recording or VST support or whatever, mine are squarely aimed at making Reason a more polished, more functional suite of software synths. I don't think there is anything totally unreasonable here, just tweaks to help move toward a better product. That said, I've been using Reason for years and years and I love it.

Keep up the good work, Props.

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