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Old 2007-05-26, 23:30
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Please help with remote override for midi controller!

Ok ... Now I REALLY have enough figured out that someone can help me Smile

I have an axiom 49 keyboard, and am using m-audio reason 3 control surface.

If I have redrum selected, and I click "remote override edit mode," I see a yellow circle over the things that have a controller assigned to it. This makes TOTAL sense to me.

BUT, if I hit button #9 (immediately below fader #9), all of a sudden those circles change a bit, because there are 5 "groups" (accessible by tapping button #9). Each of those groups changes what the 8 knobs on the axiom do.

So far, I STILL understand all of this Smile

What I DON'T understand is if I want to map a control (let's say a fader) so that it controls something in one of reason's "groups" but not in the other 4, I don't see how it's possible to do that. and yet it MUST be, because reason already has it set up that there are 5 "groups," which can be toggled by pressing button 9 to go forward 1 or button 8 to go back 1 (it took me FOREVER to figure that out, as I guessed incorrectly that this would be done via the zone/group button on the midi controller)

Can anyone provide any help????

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Post subject: RE: Reason 3 edit remote mapping PostPosted: May 26, 2007 - 11:22 PM

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I found this in the manual:

About mapping variations
Since there are often more parameters on a device than there are controls on the control
surface, there are standard mapping variations available for most devices. When
selecting a standard mapping variation, a new set of parameters will be mapped to
the controls on your control surface for a selected Reason device.
For example, if you have a control surface with 8 rotary knobs routed to a Subtractor,
the knobs may control filter parameters by default. Selecting variation 2 may make the
knobs control the oscillator settings, variation 3 may control LFOs and so on.
D For devices that support keyboard shortcuts, you switch between mapping
variations using [Command] + [Option] (Mac) / [Ctrl] + [Alt] (Windows)
and the numerical keys [1] to [10] (not the numerical keypad),
where [1] selects the default standard mapping.
How many mapping variations are available depends on the control surface and
the Reason device selected. The variation selected will stay active until you switch
MIDI input to another device (or select another variation). If you swit

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