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I'm gonna post it

I know it's wrong, wrong, wrong. But I don't know where a better place to post it.

Tell me not to post it (and I know you won't) or I'm gonna post it. It's 110% political, and I know it's wrong. It's a great post, and it needs to be said. Right now. I'm so sorry to put you in this position, as in many others.

Don't you understand if they took people as old as me I'd already be over there, now? Except, of course, I'd never, ever, ever, fight for That Man, so I wouldn't be. I hate him, like so very, very many over here. He has destroyed us. You should hear the older generation that thinks how they hate him. Only the blind sheep, and they are many, follow his blend. It's impossibly sad, to see your friends put the blinders on and just keep closing them tighter.

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